Un délicieux goût de la Nature

Nous cultivons des fruits, nous cultivons le goût
De notre enclave privilégiée près de la réserve naturelle de Doñana, nous voulons vous offrir un produit unique avec tout le goût de notre région.



Des baies la plupart de l’année

Chez Bionest, nous sommes toujours à la recherche de nouvelles façons d’améliorer nos produits et nos services. Notre objectif est d’avoir différentes variétés qui nous permettront d’offrir tous nos produits durant toute l’année.

Les baies, un délicieux goût de la nature

Le goût traditionnel
Nos techniques d’agriculture biologique, 100% respectueuses de l’environnement permettent à tous nos produits de garder tout le goût de notre région.


Dear customers, suppliers and workers,

In these exceptional moments we want to send you a message of support and positive energy so that, together, we can overcome this situation with the minimum possible damage.

At Bionest we are doing everything possible to maintain the production and delivery of our products to supermarkets and food stores.

All the security measures and recommendations proposed by the government have been taken to protect workers and food. We will have to adapt to changes week after week. We have an uncertain future in front of us and we know the responsibility of maintaining the supply chain for the entire population.

For this reason, we want to communicate our absolute commitment to maintaining the activity of the field and we are aware of the weight that is weighing on each one of us at the moment in the face of the worldwide imbalances produced by COVID-19.

Finally, we wanted to make a special mention of all the farm workers, packhouse workers, all the persons involved in our activity who occupy their jobs every day in these difficult times.

Thanks to everyone because without you none of this would be possible.

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