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On May 4, Bionest welcomed its suppliers at Finca El Rincón, in El Rocío (Huelva). There was a unique event, full of soul, and positive energy.

An event organized by Bionest, aimed at bringing together most of its suppliers. A close professional and personal bond has linked Bionest with many of them for many years.

Bionest and its suppliers keep “growing Together”.

With this motto, Juan Soltero and Antonio Jesús Soltero, founders of Bionest, wanted to highlight the close relationship they have with their suppliers during the event, as well as the shared path ahead.

Long-term relationships fueled by working side by side with loyalty, sincerity and excellent results at all levels thanks to our passion for the land, passion for organic fruit, and respect for the natural environment.

25 aniversario años creciendo junto a nuestros proveedores


Bionest wants to thank its suppliers for their trust and commitment and for always giving a quick and effective response to the company’s needs during all these years.

“We have gone through many battles, crises, and changes in labor paradigms, but above all, we have been working on a path of continuous growth together.

We wanted to thank all of them for their efforts with a “family” day. A day spent together in nature, enjoying good music, excellent food, and excellent company.

A unique opportunity to strengthen ties, exchange experiences, and create new opportunities. I hope we continue to meet many more times in the years ahead.”

Juan Soltero.

A special event to celebrate that…

The event was held in a unique place covered by a clear blue sky and a perfect spring temperature. A natural environment where fresh green meadows and flower beds breath in addition to the scenery of a great diversity of birds flying over the Rocina stream, in the heart of Doñana.

Horse carriages, floral details, and oak wood decorated the space. All covered by a large white tent to provide shade and shelter to all attendees.

25 aniversario años creciendo junto a nuestros proveedores

An excellent and healthy meal with organic berries, of course, being one of the protagonists, not forgetting the great variety of local wines to always have a fresh palate.

25 aniversario años creciendo junto a nuestros proveedores

Bionest looked to honor the day with many different artists who delighted the public with an afternoon full of flamenco, rumba, jazz, and Sevillanas.

25 aniversario años creciendo junto a nuestros proveedores

…we are proud of us.

Bionest continues to work hard to offer the best organic berries, take maximum care of its natural environment, and treat the environment with the greatest respect.

A wide variety of organic strawberries, organic blueberries, organic raspberries, and organic blackberries leave daily from Almonte, Huelva to the rest of the world.

At Bionest, we are proud of our work and the quality of our fruits, which is why we consider it very important to always celebrate and show our gratitude, both to our suppliers and to our customers.

If you want more information about the different varieties of organic berries we offer or about our cultivation techniques that respect the environment, contact us through bionest@bionest.es and you will receive a response as soon as possible.

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