Organic Products for Industrial use

Bionest is the largest Spanish producer of organic strawberries; we also produce raspberries, blueberries and blackberries both frozen IQF and processed into purees and aseptic packaging

Our main goal is to support both our employees and customers, being at the forefront of our industry production. We are organic certified, following strict quality standards that allow us to develop our activity in a responsible and sustainable way; In addition to that, we are subject to the current legislation on baby food.

Our traceability program monitors the whole process from the origin of the plant, using an identification system that provides us with information about the entire process.

Organic Frozen Products / IQF

Clean, loose and deep-frozen
Keeps all the flavour.

We count on an IQF tunnel for our frozen products; this technology makes the freezing process considerably faster, reducing the size of the ice crystals formed inside the fruits, thus reducing the damage to the cellular structure. This transformation is possible thanks to an air flow at a very low temperature that causes each piece of fruit to float in the air achieving individual freezing very quickly.

The proximity of our IQF tunnel to our organic fruit crops makes the degradation of the fruit as minimal as possible obtaining a safer, richer in nutrients fruit and maintaining all the flavour and freshness on our frozen products.

Aseptic Puree

Natural and Safe

This process is defined as aseptic filling of fresh product in pre-sterilized containers followed by the hermetic sealing of the mentioned package in order to avoid the pollution of fruit puree.

We make simple fruit purees without seeds sifting the whole fruits and obtaining both the juice and the fibre. These products have multiple applications for the industry.

After processing the aseptic puree, we keep it frozen at -18ºC to protect its natural colour, achieving a 24 months shelf-life.

Berries, a delicious taste of nature

The traditional taste
Our organic farming techniques, 100% respectful with the environment allow all of our products to keep all the taste of our region.


Dear customers, suppliers and workers,

In these exceptional moments we want to send you a message of support and positive energy so that, together, we can overcome this situation with the minimum possible damage.

At Bionest we are doing everything possible to maintain the production and delivery of our products to supermarkets and food stores.

All the security measures and recommendations proposed by the government have been taken to protect workers and food. We will have to adapt to changes week after week. We have an uncertain future in front of us and we know the responsibility of maintaining the supply chain for the entire population.

For this reason, we want to communicate our absolute commitment to maintaining the activity of the field and we are aware of the weight that is weighing on each one of us at the moment in the face of the worldwide imbalances produced by COVID-19.

Finally, we wanted to make a special mention of all the farm workers, packhouse workers, all the persons involved in our activity who occupy their jobs every day in these difficult times.

Thanks to everyone because without you none of this would be possible.

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