Berries, a delicious taste of nature

We grow fruit, we cultivate flavour
From the sourroundings of Doñana, we want to offer you an unique product with all of the taste of our region.


A family company

The Soltero Pardo family has been working in agriculture for more than five decades. BIONEST was founded in 1992, when the Soltero Pardo family decided to start growing organic berries. In 2015, after 23 years of commercial activity, the company changed its name to become BERRYNEST SAT H-0023, due to the addition of conventional crops, according to the demands of our clients. The company would no longer be exclusively organic.

Our privileged location; together with a responsible policy at Bionest are the main reasons why Bionest has become the leader Spanish organic berries supplier for the European market.

Organic farming techniques aim to help the preservation of the plants and wildlife that share with us this unique enclave. Thus, all of our farming techniques are very cautious and respectful in order to avoid affecting the environment in any possible way.

From Huelva

to the whole world

Almonte is located in Huelva, Andalucia, on the south-west of Spain. Its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean provides our town with excellent weather conditions, sunny and warm during most of the year. Those are some of the factors which allow us to offer different kinds of delicious fruit and vegetables through out the year.

We have always felt responsible for protecting this nature reserve. Nature allows us to grow the most delicious fruit here, in exchange for this we must protect the soil and have a responsible use of water in order to prevent any possible threat that could come to the environment. We worry about the future generations by growing healthy fruit using sustainable techniques.

Our Brands

Bionest, our star brand since 1992

Besides our main brand Bionest, which gurantees a certified organic product of great quality, we also count on other organic brands that are well-known throughout Europe, such as Biodeliss, which is focused on a younger and more dynamic market; or Bioberry, generic brand used in all of our organic berries.

The brand Fresdeliss is used on our conventional products, Fresdeliss is a guarantee quality products selected for the most demanding clients, but also values such as respect for the environment and sustainability.

Berries, a delicious taste of nature

The traditional taste
Our organic farming techniques, 100% respectful with the environment allow all of our products to keep all the taste of our region.


Dear customers, suppliers and workers,

In these exceptional moments we want to send you a message of support and positive energy so that, together, we can overcome this situation with the minimum possible damage.

At Bionest we are doing everything possible to maintain the production and delivery of our products to supermarkets and food stores.

All the security measures and recommendations proposed by the government have been taken to protect workers and food. We will have to adapt to changes week after week. We have an uncertain future in front of us and we know the responsibility of maintaining the supply chain for the entire population.

For this reason, we want to communicate our absolute commitment to maintaining the activity of the field and we are aware of the weight that is weighing on each one of us at the moment in the face of the worldwide imbalances produced by COVID-19.

Finally, we wanted to make a special mention of all the farm workers, packhouse workers, all the persons involved in our activity who occupy their jobs every day in these difficult times.

Thanks to everyone because without you none of this would be possible.

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