Organic Clementine: Sweet and rich in vitamins

Organic clementine, the juicy snack without seeds

clementina ecológica

Clementine Bio

Exquisite bittersweet taste

Clementines are a hybrid variety of tangerines and oranges. They are distinguished from tangerines because they barely have seeds and they are much sweeter. In fact, there is confusion among the society, because vulgarly it is called tangerines to the clementines, being the tangerines almost inedible of the bitterness they present.

It is an easy fruit to peel, with smooth and shiny skin and a sweet and juicy flesh. They are considered a natural candy, which makes it the ideal snack for the whole family. Like oranges, clementines are very low in calories and rich in A, C, B vitamins citric acid and carotene, they also have a high fiber content.

C Vitamin is present on all citrus fruits, but especially on Clementine, acting positively in the prevention of colds. No other type or variety of orange contains such an important amount of vitamin, it is calculated that with just 3 pieces an adult person can receive the recommended daily amount of vitamins.

Quality, our main goal

Self-demand, the only way to reach it.

Being one of the largest Spanish exporters of organic fruit was not achieved by chance. To reach such volume of demand in countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France or Switzerland, it is necessary to comply with strict quality controls, fast delivery times, and high standards of taste, appearance, durability, all in constant adaptation to new packaging material.

Of course, we must also be certified by the most prestigious Organic Agriculture audits. At Bionest we annually renew our European Regulatory Seals (EU-Eco-Regulation), BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, Bio Suisse, Global G.A.P., or the Andalusian CAAE certification.

clementina ecológica
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Investment, development and innovation in Bionest

Our major research efforts are focused on the selection of varietal lines and own hybridisations from known strains such as Satsuma, Clemenule, Nadorcott or Orry. We pursue in them a better adaptation to the climate, to water resources, to the environmental humidity of the Doñana Park, and other intrinsic factors of our production that can increase features as relevant as the taste, the resistance against plagues or the durability of the product when exporting it.

In our farms, research is also constant. We rely on both the traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation among farmers in the region, as well as modern scientific studies based on trial and error in which we try to isolate and learn from the innumerable variables that affect the cultivation of tangerines or Clementines

We care about both the environment and the people

The protected area of ​​marshes, streams, dunes and forests next to which we are, is an environmental paradise of incalculable value, home to many species of plants, trees, birds, insects and mammals that have coexisted for millennia in perfect symbiosis. The philosophy of commitment and respect to maintain these biological processes that nature has carved leads us to take that very same approach with people..

We take care of the of our employees, as we would do with our crops:

  • We support the local population by offering many jobs.
  • We make sure all of our employees feel they make part of our brand.
  • We encourage family and social growth in an active and empathetic
  • Wayby creating a cheerful and dynamic work environment, which reflects on higher productivity.
clementina biológica cuidado del medio ambiente




Our production calendar
Production schedule

In the case of Organic Clementine, this delicious fruit is available in two seasons, from February to April and then from October to November.


The particular environmental and hydric conditions of our farms, just a few kilometers from the sea next to the wetlands of the Doñana, provides an ideal framework on which to continue researching clementine varieties hybrids that are attractive to the market.


In the case of Clementine, and citrus fruits in general, packaging options are not as relevant as it is in the case of our lines of berries, more delicate and perishable. But this is no reason for relaxation, since the long distances that our citrus fruits cover deserve years of testing and constant improvements to find the packaging that guarantees the quality of our products during the distribution.

For more information contact us and we will send you our product catalog.


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If you need information about this product, its certifications, our management and export, do not hesitate to contact us by calling our telephone number above or sending an email to

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