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It is known that Nature is wise, it is for this reason that every winter it provides us with critics at the exact moment when they are needed the most.

At Bionest we grow citrics of great taste, rich in C vitamin which estimulate our inmune system.

Organic Oranges

Sweet and juicy

Oranges are a tropical fruit; they come from an evergreen tree which tiny flowers lead to the season of tasty and juicy fruits. As a citric, oranges are strongly related to lemons, grapefruits, mandarins. Their fruits are sweet and juicy.

Oranges contain an incredible list essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They must be firm and heavy for their size. We select soft skin and mature fruits according to the market’s requirements. Oranges are low in calories and they don’t contain any saturated fats, they are also rich in fibre. As all of the rest of the citric fruit, oranges are a source of C vitamin and flavonoids; also A vitamin and other antioxidants such as alpha and beta carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin, zea xanthine and lutein.

Organic Clementine

Sugary and rich in vitamins

Clementine is a very tasty and rich in vitamins fruit. They are a hybrid variety of mandarin, easy to peal and they have a very juicy flesh. They are also known as clementine or orange, as other citric they are strongly related to lemon, grapefruit and mandarins.

Its tree is smaller than an orange tree, with thin branches and deep green, pointy leaves. The fruit is also smaller than oranges but easier to peal and practically seedless. They are sweet and juicy; their skin is soft and shinny and like oranges, they contain almost no calories. Nevertheless, they are a good source of flavonoids antioxidants, such as Naringenin, Hesperidin, A vitamin, carotenes, xanthine and lutein, in fact, quiet often in bigger amounts to that of oranges. Besides it contains C vitamin, a powerful natural antioxidant which helps with many essential processes, such us the synthesis of collagen, wound healing, anti-viral; they help preventing cancer, neurodegenerative illnesses and arthritis.

Organic Lime

Healthy and appealing

Organic Limes are full of vitamins and health benefits.

Limes are one of the smaller citric fruits. It is used often to enhance the flavours of other food; they have green skin and an oval or round shape.

They are rich in flavonoids, which contain several antioxidants and have antibiotic properties. They have proven to be efficient on cancer treatments, digestive properties.

Organic limes are a good source of phytonutrients, C vitamin, iron, calcium and other minerals; they also contain dietetic fibre. One organic lime has around 30% of the C vitamins recommended daily amount. It’s one of the most powerful antioxidants provided by nature. C vitamin, as well know as ascorbic acid, protects cells from radiation, helping the immune system and preventing inflammation. Their skin has many properties which help you keeping a healthy skin. Also, they are the star ingredient in summer cocktails and some other recipes.

Organic Kumquat

Delicious asian citric

Organic kumquat is the smallest citric that exists (2-4 cm), and the only one whose skin can be eaten, because, unlike the rest of citric, it is sweet.

Since it belongs to the family of citric, organic kumquat is rich in C Vitamin, potassium and folic acid. It contains large amounts of minerals such as magnesium or calcium. It contains a great amount of fibre and antioxidant properties thanks to the carotenoids (oxalic, tartaric, malic and citric acid).

Our production goes from December to January.


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