100% Bio Berries

Sixty percent of our crops are located in organic farms
From its establishment 25 years ago, Bionest wanted to offer the best varieties of organic products. All of our farming techniques are organic certified. Our commitment to organic farming guarantees the future of our company.

Our ideal

Farming Techniques

Our farming techniques are 100% organic and respectful with the environment. We use only organic fertilisers and predator species to fight the plagues.


Invest in R&D

We invest in R&D in order to meet the demands of our clients by offering them the best organic varieties on the market. Our main goal is finding varieties with better taste and shelf-life.

Social Responsibility

A future of quality

We are committed to offering our workers a quality future. We participate on the development of the local economy by demanding and forming employees.


Quality, Certifications

We apply organic farming techniques based on respect, responsibility and sustainability. For Bionest, organic farming means guarantee of future. All of our Organic certificates are annually updated.


Berries, a delicious taste of nature

The traditional taste
Our organic farming techniques, 100% respectful with the environment allow all of our products to keep all the taste of our region.