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Organic Purees

Maximum quality and controlled process

Bionest markets aseptic purees of organic strawberries, organic raspberries, organic blueberries and organic blackberries.

This product has great benefits. One of the main virtues of aseptic purees is that the fruit maintains its nutritional and vitamin benefits. Bionest purees are 100% natural and contain no added water, sugar, colouring or preservatives.

The boom in healthy organic berries has led to a growing demand worldwide. There is growing interest in organic aseptic purees in the many diverse markets of the food industry.

It is essential to maintain the highest quality standards. For a fruit puree to be of high quality, the fruit must be harvested at its “optimum” ripeness, and due to its rapid development (short shelf life) it must be processed immediately to maintain all the characteristics of the product, which is why we stop the development of the fruit at Bionest within a few hours of harvesting by freezing it immediately.

bionest - Purés Asépticos ecológicos

A long experience in the production of aseptic
of aseptic purees of the highest quality

Organic farming

An efficient team with a passion for the countryside

  • We are organic farmers
  • Our organic fruit comes from our own crops.
  • Everything is centralised in the province of Huelva.
  • We process directly in our facilities in the case of IQF freezing.
  • The aseptic fruit purées are produced by neighbouring industrial partners.
  • We have control of the organic fruit from the moment the plant is contracted from the nursery to the delivery of the aseptic purée to our client.



The Bionest production process

Aseptic production is available practically all year round. Normally, due to the fact that the volumes of organic industrial fruit produced daily are not uniform and that the aseptic puree production line usually requires fixed volumes, Bionest usually carries out an intermediate fruit stocking process.

Industrial fruit is harvested from the field in plastic crates and arrives at the facility within 2 hours of harvesting. On arrival, it is registered in our management system and its quality is supervised in order to enter the pre-cooling chamber. Once the fruit has been pre-cooled, it goes directly to the washing machine, inspection belt and quick freezing tunnel, which freezes it instantly.

Once the product has been frozen, it is packed in 110 kg food-grade plastic drums and palletised in 4 drums per pallet. Once there is enough product in stock, the manufacturer is contacted and production is organised based on a fixed quantity, which is usually between 40 and 80 tonnes. This way, Bionest always works with a product of the highest quality and without the risk of fermentation or mismatches due to a lack of fresh fruit to produce.

bionest - Purés Asépticos ecológicos

Process control

The fresh fruit that comes directly from the field is frozen in less than 12 hours.

Working closely with world-renowned industrialists, whose aseptic lines meet the most demanding requirements, is one of the keys to offering the highest quality product.


A Taylor Made product for the puree industry.

Bionest distributes purees for juice manufacturers in general and for the baby food industry.

The standard packaging is in an aseptic bag in a 180 kg metal drum which is then frozen to keep the colour stable for a longer period of time. This product has a shelf life of 2 years as long as it is kept in a storage chamber at -18ºC.

When packed in aseptic bags and 220 kg drums, the product is kept refrigerated between 2ºC and 4ºC, and has a shelf life of 12 months from its production.

On request, Bionest offers the possibility of packaging in aseptic bags in 20 kg cartons.

bionest - Purés Asépticos ecológicos

“We have recently increased our storage capacity at our headquarters in Almonte to 2,000 pallets of frozen fruit.”

bionest - Purés Asépticos ecológicos

A complete management of our European export service

With the start of the industrial fruit season, which usually takes place in March, Bionest controls the volumes required by customers for a whole year.

Contracts can be managed either for immediate deliveries after production or for deliveries spread throughout the year by setting a delivery deadline.

Bionest can manage the complete transport and export service as well as giving the option for customers to take over the removal from the product maintenance chambers in coordination with the technical warehouse team.

Bionest has developed a wide European network of satisfied customers, thanks to its close, agile and personalised service and its recognised export capacity, aimed at solving any eventuality.

Thanks to the recognised first class transport suppliers with which Bionest works, it offers you a wide export structure to ensure the highest quality of the product at its destination.


Luis Mergelina

+34 689 112 052

If you need information about this product, its certifications, our management and export, do not hesitate to contact us by calling us on the above telephone number or by sending an email to

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