Ecological lime, tasty and full of vitamins

Organic lime, a very aromatic fruit

lima ecológica

Organic Lime

Acid and aromatic

Limes are one of the smallest fruits within the citrus family. The fruit has a slightly oval or round shape and the outer skin is green. It is a juicy, acid fruit and when it comes from organic farming it stands out for being very aromatic.

Organic limes are rich in flavonoids. These compounds have many antioxidants and antibiotic effects, proven to be effective in preventing and stopping the development of cancer cells. Like other citrus fruits, lime contributes to our diet with B and C vitamins, potassium, iron and calcium.

An Organic Lime contains 30% of the recommended daily value of C vitamin. This versatile citrus is used in the care of the skin and hair, as part of organic compounds to clean our homes, as a complement to empower the flavors of other foods, it is also used in aromatherapy and it is the star in summer cocktails.

In Spain there are few producers and exporters of organic limes, it is perhaps next to the kumquat and the mini-kiwi one of the most exotic fruits that we grow in our farms.

Respect Our Planet

Adequate use of natural resources

We apply organic agricultural techniques certified at regional, national and European levels. Respect for these rules comes from a deep respect for the environment:

  • Respect for the land: we enrich the soil by planting green fertilizers or by providing natural fertilizers instead of using synthetic preparations or agrochemical pesticides.
  • Respect for biodiversity: understanding that every ecosystem is a perfect interrelated network of living beings that help and contribute in balance to the sustainability of a natural environment of great value such as the marshes of the Guadalquivir in Huelva.
lima ecológica

Ecological / Organic agricultural techniques

There are millions of people who every day decide with their daily purchases what kind of world we create. In Spain it is still a small phenomenon, but in northern Europe the importance of supporting projects and local companies whose crops are sustainable over time is highly valued, practices that do not irreversibly compromise or damage the environment for future generations.

All consumers should value the importance of supporting projects and local companies whose crops are sustainable over time.


At Bionest, we are committed to Ecological Agriculture, whose practices are respectful of the elementary natural processes and cycles:

  • Use of auxiliary fauna: insects, predators and parasites as natural protection of crops that generate a natural balance in order to avoid pests.
  • Use of auxiliary flora: plants that can fulfill a double function, drive away pests and / or attract pollinating insects such as bees.
  • Rotation of crops: instead of always taking the same nutrients from the soil season after season, we alternate crops to maintain a microbiotic and macrobiotic health.
  • Harvesting rain waters: in the South of Spain, every drop counts, that is why we have devised a system of water use to avoid saturating the aquifers of the area, using water in a responsible way.
Transporte | Bionest

Investment, development and innovation

We re-invest a large part of our profits on research, development and innovation projects so we can improve our current products and open new lines of business in the future.

Most efforts are focused on improving taste, size, appearance, shelf-life, resistance to transport, and varietal breadth to offer more product for more months at the end of the year.

Corporate social responsibility

Bionest’s workforce is highly qualified, as we emphasize many features that lead to a high productivity in all phases of production: continuous training, professional recycling, the interpenetration between teams, hiring local workforce, with a salary policy above the industry average are just some examples.

I our business the use of a correct professional ethics could not be faked for long.

We firmly believe in sustaining our activity on real principles and values:

solid pillars on which to grow, perhaps not exponentially as another type of short-term industry would do, but doing it in a more solid and sustainable way.

lima biológica



Our production calendar
Production schedule

All year round with the exception of the Spring season (April, May and June) we are able to supply our organic limes to countries as diverse as Germany, UK, Switzerland, France, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Sweden or Arab Emirates.

And, of course, we also serve the domestic market, in Spain, where there is a lot of food processing industry (dairy, sweets, etc.) which demands this citric acid and sweet character for many uses and om different packagings.


In the final stage of sales, at the end of the day, it is the consumer who guides with his decisions the future actions that we must implement.

And, really, our customers are the supermarkets, supermarket lines and food stores inside and outside Spain, although ultimately, we all depend on the behavior of a final consumer heterogeneous, changing and demanding when it comes to packagings for organic fruit.

Anticipating their movements, meeting their needs and at the same time increasing the sustainability of our packagings looking into alternatives to plastic, are our main goals for the coming years.

For more information contact us and we will send you our product catalog.


José M. Rodríguez Holgado

+34 619 938 684

If you need information about this product, its certifications, our management and export, do not hesitate to contact us by calling our telephone number above or sending an email to

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