Mieles de Doñana
Natural Honey

The bees of Bionest’s fields

Mieles de Doñana is a natural product harvested directly from Bionest's organic berry fields. Our beekeeping activity mainly serves the conservation and care of the bee populations in the fields of Almonte, Huelva. Bionest's bees pollinate the fields and are essential for a natural balance of the flora and fauna that surrounds us.

A bee population
in complete balance

Expert beekeepers caring for our bees

In an effort to keep the bee population in balance, Bionest's beekeepers look after the hives and control the cells and the honey and wax production processes that these little flying creatures create on a daily basis.

Food for the bees and for humans

Through a meticulous process of centrifuging, filtration and decantation, honey is separated from the wax and cleaned of impurities. This results in a pure and natural honey of our own. Honey harvested from the depths of Bionest's organic berry fields.

A foodstuff full of nutrients that is beneficial for human health as well as for the life and proliferation of bees.

Organic farming as a way of life

"Bionest is Europe's largest exporter of organic berries. Caring for the countryside and the environment is our top priority and responsibility. Bees need a healthy natural environment to carry out their activity properly. So, just as our farmers look after our fields, our beekeepers look after our bees."

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