Individual Quick Freezing
Ecological fruit

Bionest's ecological berries are harvested at their optimum ripening stage, and are quickly deep-frozen so that the fruit preserves its shape and all its properties.

In our industrial factory, next to our ecological berry crops, we have IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) freezing tunnels as well as static freezing tunnels, processing the following berries:

bionest- IQF - Congelado de fruta


bionest- IQF - Congelado de fruta


bionest- IQF - Congelado de fruta


bionest- IQF - Congelado de fruta


Advantages of quick freezing

High technology applied to our fruit

  • Preservation of the properties.
  • Maintains the flavor of the fruit. Fresh fruit …
  • Individual thawing
  • Zero risk of intoxication and contamination of viruses and bacteria.
  • Additive free 100% natural
  • High vitamin content
  • Hygiene and sterilization

Preservation of the properties.

Rapid crystallization of water.

With the IQF* (Individual Quick Frozen) process, the crystals are so tiny that the tissues hardly suffer and since it is a quick freezing process, the ripening process is slowed down almost instantly. This allows preserving the properties and nutrients of the fruit WITHOUT added preservatives or chemicals. In other words, after thawing the fruit processed with individual quick freezing, the organoleptic values and texture of the fruit retain practically the same values as freshly picked ecological fruit.

In contrast to quick freezing, in slow freezing the sizes of the water crystals formed in the cellular interior of the tissues are much larger and the texture of the fruit undergoes changes after thawing. With slow freezing the cell walls that constitute the vegetable tissues are broken and when the product thaws, cellular fluids spill, causing as a negative effect a variation in texture and flavor.

Maintains the flavor of the fruit.
On the palate, the fruit maintains all its richness of flavor and identical nuances, with hardly any alterations.

The use of IQF frozen fruit in catering outlets and large spaces, means that they can offer their customers different types of fruit all year round without having to worry about the seasonality of the fruit. And with the same taste, texture and nutritional values as during their season.

Serving, for example, natural ecological strawberry smoothies at Christmas just as you do in spring, or an ecological blueberry and ecological raspberry pie without having to worry about going to the market every day, and without variations in its flavor, are great advantages offered by the IQF Individual Quick Frozen process. (Individual Quick Frozen)

bionest- IQF - Congelado de fruta

Individual thawing

Loose fruit to treat as desired

Another great advantage of this quick freezing process is that each fruit is individually presented. No blocks are formed.

We can thaw the desired amount of product and not the whole block and it does not need to be thawed before cooking or preparation, we will use it directly in the cooking process.

This makes the product yield much higher and keeps absolute control of the quantities used.

Zero risk of intoxication and contamination of viruses and bacteria

Maximum product safety

The fruit is kept frozen without being subject to the action of bacteria and other microorganisms. Handling is minimal until it reaches the consumer.

Thanks to both of these issues, the chances of food poisoning are virtually zero as long as you keep the cold chain.

The fruit is chemicals free. Preserving fruit by this process does not require chemical additives of any kind that alter its taste or to worry consumers who wish to avoid using these products in their diet.

bionest- IQF - Congelado de fruta

Ecological fruit remains as natural as when it was harvested in the field.

bionest- IQF - Congelado de fruta

Vitamins and minerals

Berries are a great source of vitamins C, B, and E, as well as different minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron or phosphorus. Deep-frozen berries retain vitamins longer thanks to quick-freezing technology.

Hygiene and sterilization

Working at extremely cold temperatures eliminates the risk of dangerous microorganisms being formed in the process. And with a storage life of 24 months.

At Bionest we follow the strictest regulations for disinfection and sterilization for the few moments that the fruit is exposed to the warehouse environment. We maintain an almost surgical level in the daily process of cleaning and disinfection of all our facilities.

bionest- IQF - Congelado de fruta

Varied solutions in the industry

Thanks to the advantages offered by this quick freezing process, bionest can supply a high quality product to the processing industry, covering multiple sectors such as jams, pastries, juices, dehydrated, freeze-dried, etc…

It is important to anticipate their movements, satisfying their needs. At the same time we increase the sustainability of packaging, looking for alternatives to plastic or using 100% recycled plastics. The latter is one of our major goals for the coming years.

bionest- IQF - Congelado de fruta

Fruit harvesting and freezing time

IQF frozen fruit offers you maximum guarantees in terms of freshness, flavor, texture and nutrients. They reach the final consumer in practically the same conditions in which they were frozen. It is important to have a dynamic and well organized harvesting process so that the minimum time elapses from harvesting in the plantation to freezing. At Bionest, the time that elapses between harvesting and freezing the fruit is a maximum of 12 hours.

High profitability and
economic viability

One of the most profitable products in the food industry

There is no waste of product due to expiration, degradation or over-ripening of the fruit.

The economic profitability of this product is very high in terms of savings, since it is given by the total use of the fruit.

bionest- IQF - Congelado de fruta
bionest - Purés Asépticos ecológicos

International export

A complete management in our export service.

Bionest has developed a wide European network of satisfied customers, thanks to its close, agile and personalized service and its recognized export capacity, oriented to solve any eventuality.

Thanks to the recognized first level transport providers we work with, we offer you a wide export structure to ensure the highest quality of the product at its destination.


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