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The main Spanish producer of organic berries, Bionest, celebrates 25 years in the organic farming market and does so with very positive forecasts for the future.

Aware of climate change and how it can affect the future of the agricultural sector, a specific R&D Department has been created. In this department, we carry out tests with different varieties to minimize the consumption of irrigation water and create much more resistant varieties.

“Our objective is that these advances help us reduce costs and, therefore, maintain investment in research,”
said Thomas Cera, Commercial Director of Bionest, in an interview for Mercados magazine.

Bionest is committed to making a varietal selection of exclusively organic berries, taking into account the reduction of water consumption, while attending to the flavor, durability and nutritional value of the varieties.


In order to produce Berries almost all year round while maintaining their nutritional values, Bionest carefully takes care of their soils. Crop rotation is necessary to keep the soil fertile and healthy.

The technique of alternating crops is one of the main natural ways to prevent possible diseases from settling or prevailing in a particular field or soil. Weeds are better controlled by preventing pests and diseases from finding niches where to settle.


“We invest in research and development to continue offering the best organic berry varieties of the sector to the most demanding customers. Our main objectives are to keep our fruits with an excellent flavor and a long shelf life. We have a new testing ground that allows us to select the varieties that best adapt to the needs of our customers, as well as the new ozone controlled atmospheric systems. We will continue to invest in R&D as a long-term commitment.”
said Thomas Cera, Commercial Director of Bionest.

Bionest’s production already exceeds 7,500 tons per year:

  • 2,000 tons of organic strawberries.
  • 1,500 tons of organic raspberries.
  • 2,000 tons of organic blueberries.
  • 200 tons of organic blackberries.

All the fields of the company are in the province of Huelva, Andalusia, Spain. Thanks to the excellent climate of this region, we can produce organic berries all year round, thus being able to serve our customers during the four seasons.

The production of organic Berries in Bionest is increasing and our increasingly attractive packaging formats have been multiplied, varying from 70g to 500g in size. Taking into account, of course, the care of the environment and trying to incorporate new formats made from biodegradable materials every year.

Thanks to our investment in R&D and the effort we make each season to be better and more competitive in the market, Bionest is increasingly present in more countries.

We supply our organic berries to supermarkets internationally: Our main clients are in the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
However, this is our third year working with clients from the Middle East and Southeast Asia, where we intend to consolidate our position and grow in the coming seasons.

The Soltero-Pardo family has been working in agriculture for more than two decades, and in 1992 decided to start growing organic berries by founding Bionest. After 25 years of commercial activity, the company has been renamed Berrynest SAT H-0023 and is expected to remain the leading Spanish producer of organic berries in the European market in the future.

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