Fruit Attraction 2018. ¡A great success for Bionest!

 In Bionest

BIONEST, leader in Organic Berries Production in Europe, took part in the 10th edition of Fruit Attraction Fruits and Vegetables the past 23rd to 25th of October in Madrid.

A fair that attracts large, medium and small companies in the fruit and vegetable sector and thousands of professionals from all over the world.

Fruit Attraction grows every year. With more than 1600 exhibitors, 70,000 professionals from 120 countries are consolidated as a clear reference on an international level.

Fruit Attraction 2018. ¡A great success for Bionest!

A clear commitment for 2019

Bionest tried really hard so that they could share their work philosophy, organic culture, and love for nature with their customers and suppliers by creating a natural, a bit rural and very welcoming atmosphere in their new stand, under the concept of “bringing our farms to the fair”.

Fruit Attraction 2018. ¡A great success for Bionest!

With a stand full of organic products carefully displayed and just brought from their farms. Bionest’s customers and suppliers had the chance to have productive conversations about their products:

  • Shelf-life
  • Transport
  • Taste and other features
  • New farming techniques
  • New packaging options
  • R+D+I

Fruit Attraction 2018. ¡A great success for Bionest!

A teamwork

As a novelty, and in order to ensure the success of the event this year, Juan Soltero and Antonio Jesús Soltero (Founders of Bionest) decided to bring along a good share of their team in order to project the company’s philosophy and to experience the tendencies of the market.

Bionest Team participants

  • Thomas Cera (Comercial Director)
  • Tania Prades (Quality Manager)
  • Diego Soltero (Purchase Director)
  • Jesús Félix (Comercial)
  • Luis Mergelina (Industrial Director)
  • Elisabeth Jacinto (Comercial)
  • Rocío Rodríguez (Comercial)
  • Domingo Ruíz (IT Manager)
  • Sergio Coronel (Purchase Dept.)

Fruit Attraction 2018. ¡A great success for Bionest! Tania Prades (Quality manager), Jesús Félix (Commercial), Diego Soltero (Purchase Director), Thomas Cera (Commercial Director).

A place to meet

The private space for our meetings was the main success of the event. A place where we could listen carefully to our clients’ valuable proposals and future projects.

R+D+I in ecological farming

The continuous investment in R + D + I makes the products more and more exclusive regarding taste, texture and shelf-life as well as helping to keep an extraordinary offer adapted to the needs of the markets, retailers and supermarkets.

Fruit Attraction 2018. ¡A great success for Bionest!

Our Organic Products

  • Organic Berries. (Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry and Blueberry).
  • Organic fresh Vegetables and Others. (Green Asparagus, Sweet potatoes, Kiwi Berry and khaki)
  • Organic Citrus (Orange, Clementine, Lime, Kumquat)

Fruit Attraction 2018. ¡A great success for Bionest!

Bioenst hopes that this event helped us bounding even more with their clients and suppliers and also wishes to have the same success in the years to come.

From all of the team Bionest.

Bionest | ¡Thanks for being there with us!

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