Why do we love Fruit Attraction?

 In Bionest

Fruit Attraction is the key meeting point for the fruit and vegetable community around the world. The past few days, October 22, 23, and 24, saw us meet at the Ifema facilities:




professionals in the sector



Numerous visitors from all parts of the world received a place this year, with a 15% increase in participation from last year’s edition, as confirmed by Raúl Calleja, director of the Fruit Attraction 2019.

Marketing, sustainability, technology, and innovation have been the axes of this new call, reaffirmed as the fundamental instruments to promote the internationalization of the sector.

The Spanish fruit and vegetable sector is booming. In recent years, it has established itself as the first exporter in the European Union and one of the first three exporters worldwide.


It is certainly a privilege for us to be able to attend this meeting in the capital of Spain one more year and show the fruits of our work. Fruit Attraction is the perfect opportunity for the supply and demand of the sector from all over the world to meet under the same roof.

Moreover, this year has been particularly satisfactory for Bionest, since the organic fresh products sector has been significantly enhanced in this edition. This includes one of the three spaces in which the event was divided, (Fresh Produce Area, Auxiliary Industry Area, Flower & Garden Attraction) exclusive to the organic fruit and vegetable sector.

In the Ecorganic Market, space, in which we were, we responded to the growing international demand for organic fruits.

There, Bionest had the opportunity to show their proposals for Bio-products, in order to promote supply and export relations, among which were:

What opportunities does Fruit Attraction offer?


Fruit Attraction is an essential commercial tool for us to plan the calendar for the next year 2020, as it has become a valuable platform and meeting point, to strengthen relationships and open new opportunities in new national and international markets.


It is a perfect opportunity to share our R&D proposals, with colleagues in the sector since for Bionest, being in constant evolution and development is essential for the performance of our activity.

  • New varieties
  • New ecological formats and packaging
  • New conservation and transport techniques
  • Advances in irrigation techniques
  • Constant improvement in quality and safety

Diversity and knowledge

Fruit Attraction is a space for debate and exchange of knowledge about the latest developments in the sector. On this occasion, we have been able to expand concepts about connectivity and new technologies, determining aspects to increase the productivity of our organic crops and continue to improve the optimization of water in the irrigation system.

What objectives does Fruit Attraction enable us to meet?

  • TRENDS: Check the trends of the global ecological sector.
  • TASTING: Provide a taste of our organic fruits, to show first-hand why we are the leaders in exporting berries in Europe.
  • OFFERS: Obtain all the information on the specialized offer in Bio existing in the Spanish and international markets.
  • NETWORKING: Possibility of networking. Learn, compare, and set an example.
  • NEW ALLIANCES: Visit and strengthen business relationships with current customers and suppliers.
  • NEW PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: Analyze and directly verify the characteristics of the products/services of possible new suppliers as well as customer needs.

However, if you could not take the opportunity to visit us and want to communicate any need, introduce new products with our collaboration, or for purchases, we leave you our phone number and email so you can contact our commercial department.

Contact us

+34 959 450 656
If you need any further information about our company, please do not hesitate to contac us on the phone number above or by e-mail: bionest@bionest.es.


The growth of Bionest, the success of our organic red fruits, and the feeling of effectively doing things step by step motivates us every day, and seeing how the Huelva fruit and vegetable sector is in general growth makes us feel great pride.

During the Fruit Attraction celebration, we could see how the province of Huelva is advocating heavily for organic production and thanks to this effort, the red fruits of Huelva are an international benchmark.

Our stand

In Bionest, we have a great Bio spirit, natural and close. Therefore, we always try to transmit it through our communication, our corporate image, and of course, our stand which had to be in line with these values.

We managed to create a most pleasant environment, which made our organic fruit shine in a special way, highlighting concepts such as quality, variety, innovation, and internationalization projection.

This year, we opted for a cosy space, with private areas, in which receiving our customers and suppliers was like doing it in our own home.

Although the fair days are long days of effort and commitment to our brand, it is very gratifying to be a participant in how, from them, new professional and personal relationships arise, since, with some clients, the link has been maintained for so many years that they manage to forge intimate friendships.

The color, texture, and flavor of our organic red fruits made us stand out and reaffirm our image as leaders in the production of organic berries in Spain.

Continuously investing in R & D & I and continuing to research new varieties is one of our main objectives and, therefore, one of our strongest value propositions. This allows us to maintain an extraordinary offer, adapting to the markets of large stores and supermarkets.

As recently stated by the Commercial Director of Bionest, Thomas Cera, in an interview for Mercados magazine, “Our goal is that these advances help us reduce costs and, therefore, maintain investment in research”

If you were one of the visitors of our stand and you need more information or you could not visit us and you would like to have done it, do not hesitate to contact us through bionest@bionest.es, we will be happy to assist you.

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