Bionest, the family behind our company

Our agricultural activity began several decades ago, but it was in 1992 when our family decided to produce organic berries. On the year 2015 our company became Berrynest SAT H0023, always preserving our brand name Bionest.

A privileged natural environment called Doñana surrounds us, and that’s why we thought that producing organic or ecologic fruit would help sustain and preserve this beautiful landscape. Many different varieties of wildlife, plants and animals, share with us this extraordinary place. This is the main reason why our growing techniques and our agricultural practices are extremely cautious and respectful with every single factor that affects nature.

Bionest is our main brand name. This word comes form the union of two precise terms, “Bio” that represents our natural and organic concept and “nest” which represents the warm and safe place in which birds and other animals lay eggs or give birth to their young.

Bionest comes form the union of “Bio” that represents our natural concept and “nest” the warm and safe place in which birds give birth to their young.

Under our brand name “Bionest” we gather a wonderful group of fruits. Natural products, obtained through organic certified agricultural methods and practices. Tasty, healthy and nutritious fruits such as strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, orange, clementine, green asparagus and sweet potatoes that we provide to millions of homes all around the world.

After two decades devoted to our fields and our organic fruit, to investigation and the development of outstanding fruit varieties, and to provide an excellent service to the most demanding customers, we have become the most important Spanish grower of organic berries within the European market.